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EPS Vacuum Block Moulding Machine

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The machine is coupled by using high quality welding method, and to get rid of the rust, polishing, smoothing and aging treament, which gives the machine high strength, and without deformation. The density of the EPS Block can reach 6~40kg/m3, with fast EPS Block forming speed, uniform bonding, low moisture content, and with very minor deformation.




No. Items Unit BM/V(2000-6000)
1 Block net length mm 2000-6000
2 Block net height mm 1200
3 Block net thickness mm 1000
4 Density range g/l 6-30
5 Capacity (15g/l) Pcs/hr 10
6 Steam pressure bar 6
7 Compressed air pressure bar 6-8

A. Double cooling system provide.
B. Touch screen and PLC control 
C. Hydraulic movements 
D. Single door opening with less leakage
E. Negative pressure feeding system with high efficiency
F. Safety system: computer supervision, pressure feedback and safety valve system.