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EPS Self-Control Silo

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With China's rising labor costs, EPS enterprise upgrading needs through automation control to reduce the manpower demand, so we introduce the foreign unmanned factory factory (the devil) design concept, in order to achieve the whole plant of unmanned operation, the foam will need to implement to the maturation of forming of storehouse can only control interface;
Slaking warehouse automation system by setting to run the program, can realize automatic timing curing time and curing records in a warehouse material density, foam with automatic warehouse, molding with automatic warehouse, etc;
Such as to achieve foaming, curing, forming the whole process of unmanned production, eps pre-expander machine needs to be equipped with automatic testing function;eps shape molding machine surge bin needs and curing intelligent warehouse system of links; Molding machine need equipped with membrane cavity pressure detection system;



A. Level sensor and pnewmatic valve. B. High effeciency blower with insulated cabin. C. Software for silo control.

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