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EPS Vertical Vacuum Block Moulding Machine

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EPS Vaccum Block Moulding Machine, verticle type, is equipped with special inner plate, pipe design and super big vacuum design, it is famous for its fast cycle and energy saving features. Automatic Conveyor is optional for the plant, east to get full automation.
Slim like a beautiful girl, rigid like Optimus Prime.




No. Items Unit BM/E(2000-6000)
1 Block net hight mm 2000-6000
2 Block net length mm 1200
3 Block net width mm 600/1000/1200
4 Density range g/l 8-30
5 Capacity (20g/l) Pcs/hr 12
6 Steam pressure bar 6
7 Compressed air pressure bar 6-8


A. The inner walls are formed by 0.3mm stainless steel cuniform plates B. Block fusion quality is monitored by foam pressure switch with measuring sensor. C. The block mould internal body is insulated by rock wool.
D. Automatic conveyor is optional. E. Material suction blower is 15Kw with insulated cabin from Danmark brand. I. Germany butterfly valve
F. Operating interface are controlled by Mitsubishi PLC and touch screen.
G. 2 Siemens vacuum pumps made in China (15kw for each) are used on machine. H. Condenser tank is 5m3 with water spraying and sieving units & individual vacuum tank is 15m3